Hi from Sydney Australia!

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Hi from Sydney Australia!

Postby Mandi » Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:03 pm

I'm Mandi, and I'm new to the forum and to Buddhism. I'm very early in my studies, and I've found the Sydney Buddhist Centre which I'll be dropping into soon, which will hopefully be informative and helpful.
If you want to know anything else just ask! I'm glad to be here!

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Re: Hi from Sydney Australia!

Postby Grigoris » Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:39 pm

Hello Mandi! Welcome to Dharma Wheel!

Good to see you have found a Buddhist centre near you. I advise newbies to shop around a bit with centres before settling down. See how you feel about the people and the teachings. There are many different approaches to Buddhism, some appeal to some, others appeal to others.
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Re: Hi from Sydney Australia!

Postby Punya » Wed Jan 23, 2013 7:41 pm

Hi Mandi :smile:
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Re: Hi from Sydney Australia!

Postby David N. Snyder » Wed Jan 23, 2013 9:36 pm


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Re: Hi from Sydney Australia!

Postby lobster » Thu Jan 24, 2013 2:39 am

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Re: Hi from Sydney Australia!

Postby DGA » Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:47 pm

Hi Mandi, Welcome to DharmaWheel!

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Re: Hi from Sydney Australia!

Postby futerko » Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:55 pm

Hi Mandi :hi:

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