Ordaining as a monk or nun in the west

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Re: Ordaining as a monk or nun in the west

Postby Huifeng » Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:36 am

Zhen Li wrote:I think that perhaps before setting up a program, which probably won't draw many applicants at first, one might do best to start off by having at least one trustworthy and qualified international or western ordinand ready. ...

Hi again,

This is pretty much my thinking too. We are actually close to having the numbers, and that's why I want to settle on the location. However, because many of the potential people come from the far corners of the earth, there are still issues of even which place is more able to take in a number of non-citizen students. Even if those students all come from a generally similar Anglophonic modern western culture, eg. US, Canada, UK, Aus, NZ, parts of SA, or even western European France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.

I wouldn't start with a Buddhist College, but with resident candidate(s) attending many relevant classes and activities. Once the numbers pick up, then move to a 6-12 month College program. Once that is stable, 12-24 month, etc.

As above, we should talk. ;)

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