Nightmares, Sleep Paralysis, False Awakenings

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Re: Nightmares, Sleep Paralysis, False Awakenings

Postby Monlam Tharchin » Thu May 22, 2014 2:29 am

Not saying this is what yours is, but I've also had the old hag experience.
I get sleep paralysis several times a month, have for at least 10 years.
I'm almost always able to open my eyes somewhat, and when I was younger, I'd often see an old woman standing at the foot of my bed, hunched over, incredibly aged with long gray hair hiding her face. She was never facing me, but to the side. Strangely, she never felt threatening, so I'd usually just ignore her until I could move my body again. I never noticed how she would leave. She'd simply be gone after I'd finished focusing on moving my limbs.

Now, I've had experiences of furious-feeling hateful presences while awake, but not many. I don't pretend to know what they are, but I imagine experiencing such a thing while asleep or half-awake would be much more challenging as far as not succumbing to terror.
The few times I've woken up in the middle of the night with the sense of someone/something that abjectly hated me in the room, usually in a corner opposite me, I'd similarly feel bad for it, "Wow this creature is so overcome with negativity that I can feel it across the room" and it has always summarily vanished.
If it is some kind of hateful mind, I really wish there were more we could do for them, since any kind of loving thoughts seem to drive them away.

I may be spouting nonsense, but I wonder sometimes if these are hungry ghosts. If I remember, hungry ghosts cannot stand what they most need: water seems like piss, food like vomit, and they crave the very things that turn to fire in their bellies and prolong their torment. It wouldn't surprise me, if this is somehow connected, that hungry ghosts flee the healing love they need and seek more hate and fear instead. How very, very sad.
I've often felt deep sympathy for villains in stories, or even the demons in the Bible that Jesus drives out, so I wonder, Jesse, if your encounter with such things isn't your own compassionate wisdom perceiving and offering solace to such things, even if they are only aspects of your mind or emotions.

Hope that wasn't way out of left field. Just some thoughts.
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Re: Nightmares, Sleep Paralysis, False Awakenings

Postby Jesse » Thu May 22, 2014 10:21 pm

Jesse, if your encounter with such things isn't your own compassionate wisdom perceiving and offering solace to such things, even if they are only aspects of your mind or emotions.

:rolling: Compassion? Me? Bahaha. Generally when I'm tormented by these type of things, my first response is to torment them back. They love it.

Joking aside, the only difference is that I never "wake up" during these experiences, If anything there is a small amount of lucidity, they appear in my dreams, no hallucinations. I havent experiened the body paralysis either, if anything paralyses me, it's the pure fear and terror these beings eminate. Like I've said though, It's been a few weeks since any occurances. (Thankfully.)
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Re: Nightmares, Sleep Paralysis, False Awakenings

Postby hop.pala » Thu May 29, 2014 8:42 pm

I have some idea of what actually happened,but i do not know.I have to say about leave of the body,that such experience have i too.
I awakened in dreaming state,and i instructed myself me to stop dreaming-because at this time i practiced the out-of body experience alone,and this happen spontaneous-and i "go out",but than i see my body,i got scared and went back.A say it only that i dont think that my body paralysed,because i was aware,that" i am" and only dont feel my body,and not thinking on paralysis of the body.
But the experience you're much weirder.
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