Template of the Mahayana sutras?

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Template of the Mahayana sutras?

Postby Rakshasa » Tue Dec 25, 2012 8:14 pm

I have read quite a few Mahayana Sutra and if I were to generalize the template in which the Sutras are composed (although any generalization is bad), it would be something like:

"This is the best Sutra...
If you copy and recite this Sutra, such and such are the benefits...
...Such and such Bodhisattva attained enlightenment through this Sutra...
..finally a chapter here and there talking about morality (or in some cases doctrinal points)..."

In most cases, more than 70% of the Sutra's content is about the value of that Sutra and its benefits. Could it be that it was composed this way because early Buddhist teachings (Sutras) were supposed to be preserved in memory through recitation and the inclusion of this part makes it easier to memorize?

Or, could it be that the Sutra is teaching "emptiness"? Something like

Q. What is the best Sutra?
A. "This is the best Sutra. Preserve it and propagate it. Here ends the Sutra."

So is it really the "emptiness" of any doctrine that is the doctrine being conveyed in the Sutra?

No offense, but since I do not have any real Buddhist teacher around, I study (and often practice) on my own. And because of this confusion of the Sutras, I find it much more reliable to refer to the commentaries of Buddhist masters instead of relying on the Sutras themselves.

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Re: Template of the Mahayana sutras?

Postby Rakshasa » Wed Dec 26, 2012 6:50 am

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Re: Template of the Mahayana sutras?

Postby Johnny Dangerous » Wed Dec 26, 2012 7:40 am

My favorite Sutra line so far:

"It is true because it is not false".

Thanks for clearing that up Heart Sutra.

I think you are probably onto something with the memorization bit. Even many of the Pali Suttas have this ridiculous amount of repetition and reiteration, I assume for the same reasons.

I actually enjoying read Sutra for myself, but I go very slow..read a paragraph, then digest it a bit, another, and that's that. Can't read something like Lankavatara in one sitting and get anything out of it. I think it took me ten readings of so of the Diamond Sutra to start getting it...there is something in the format that sort makes me zone out and I have to constantly wake myself up.
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Re: Template of the Mahayana sutras?

Postby Ayu » Wed Dec 26, 2012 10:00 am

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Re: Template of the Mahayana sutras?

Postby Astus » Wed Dec 26, 2012 2:19 pm

Mahayana Sutras were written texts from the beginning, unlike the agamas as we can see in the Pali Canon. The statement about the importance of a given sutra is like a self-advertisement in order to have the sutra be spread and preserved.

There are sutras describing meditation techniques and wisdom teachings besides moral subjects. Here are some popular ones: Vimalakirti Sutra, Diamond Sutra, Surangamasamadhi Sutra, Amitabha Sutra, Prajnaparamita in 8000 Verses Sutra, Lankavatara Sutra, Samdhinirmocana Sutra.

See some collections of Mahayana scriptures here:

http://www2.hf.uio.no/polyglotta/index. ... rary&bid=2
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Re: Template of the Mahayana sutras?

Postby JKhedrup » Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:06 am

We find the same sort of statements in the tantras as well.

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Re: Template of the Mahayana sutras?

Postby randomseb » Thu Feb 07, 2013 8:23 am

I am of the opinion that this is not actually self-aggrandizement, but rather something along the lines of "if you put this teaching into practice yourself, it's value/your merit/etc is infinitely better than x,y,z"

The Lotus sutra is chalk-full of that kind of talk about the lotus sutra heh

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Re: Template of the Mahayana sutras?

Postby kirtu » Thu Feb 07, 2013 2:44 pm

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Re: Template of the Mahayana sutras?

Postby dyanaprajna2011 » Sat Mar 23, 2013 2:00 pm

When I was a Christian, I learned to 'mystically' interpret various passages from the Bible. IMO, the same or similar can be done with the Sutras. As one progresses deeper in their practice, more and more of the meaning of the Sutra is brought out, which may seem quite mystical at times. There's something about the Sutra of Innumerable Meanings that makes me think this, not something in the sutra itself, but just the very title of it.

As far as the repetition in some/many of the Sutras goes, I don't have a ready answer. I know from reading the Lotus Sutra, however, that it can be quite annoying, but I'm hoping I'm just not deep enough in my practice yet to understand it. (As far as "this is the best sutra" thing goes)
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