The magic of an incense stick

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Re: The magic of an incense stick

Postby Sherab Dorje » Sat Mar 12, 2011 6:48 pm

If you dig incense/smoke/fire offerings then ask your lama to give you the riwo sang chod (Mountain of Pure Offerings) practice by Terton Lhatsun Namkha Jigmed. it's a good excuse to generate vast clouds of smoke (and offerings). It is a fairly short practice and in combination with prayers to Guru Rinpoche does a hell of a lot of work!

Normally it is carried out during/before retreats to keep obstacles at bay.

I do it almost every day.

If you do it with fire (you can use incense charcoal or sticks for the daily practice) it's a good opportunity to burn worn out or destroyed texts, prayer flags, etc... so that their blessing goes out to all beings.
"When one is not in accord with the true view
Meditation and conduct become delusion,
One will not attain the real result
One will be like a blind man who has no eyes."
Naropa - Summary of the View from The Eight Doha Treasures
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