Several thoughts on BuddhaDharma and Primordial state

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Several thoughts on BuddhaDharma and Primordial state

Postby Lodro_Nyima » Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:17 pm

Hi everyone !

I will try to post here some of my thoughts on BuddhaDharma and the real state we all are possessing. Please try to take these my comments as my own attempts to explain the Primordial state, our mind and surrounding we live in. It is not perfect, I know, but I feel it like that :-).
All the best !!!

Lodro Nyima / Stanislav from Slovakia

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Re: Several thoughts on BuddhaDharma and Primordial state

Postby Lodro_Nyima » Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:17 pm

Our ground is our Buddha Nature, that is in every sentient being. Perfect Enlightenment and perfect knowledge, wisdom and possibility to change our surroundings and all the phenomena. When we see our dharmakaya and are seeing its perfect pure light, we know that that are we, and nothing else in absolute condition. All ego and habits of the mind are secondary. It is like in bardo. The first bardo are we, our real condition. We can experience the bright light, sound, wisdom, and we know that we are unseparable from this condition, and all is emerging from it. We can become everything we want if we stay in that condition. Then the elements of space, wind, fire, water and earth are emerging from that source of our-self, according to our mind and how we see our mind. But for enlightenment is needed to rest in the first bardo state, our dharmakaya, which is our Buddha Nature, and try to see it clearly. It is not a teachings after death, but to our real condition, how it is. It is like white " A " that is unseparable from the state of all the Buddhas, and is our own personal Buddhahood in us, our real dharmakaya.
All practise have to realize the state of Buddhahood in us, that we already have there. It is not coming from outside, it is in us. Even the guru can put us to the state of seeing that perfect condition, but we must work ourselves on it, and develop a habit of seeing all by the eyes of dharmakaya view. Like said Guru Padmasambhava, : " All, samsara and nirvana are dharmakaya ". The Tilopa 6 rules of - " Don't imagine nothing, don't think of nothing, don't analyze nothing, don't see anything, don't meditate on nothing, be present in Natural State " are our real teacher, when trying to realize our true Condition.
We can realize that, but first of all we must be relaxed and don't think " I need to obtain this teaching or that teaching " , " I must practise that teaching or that teaching ". That is in our relative condition truth, but when we came to our meditation, we must think of ourselves as of Buddhas, that must not do anything, that already have all in us. By one pointed meditation we can try to imagine our real nature, our Buddha Nature, and try to take one pointed view meditation on it. We have to think of Buddhahood like something that is already in us, not like of something we need to gain and now is outside us. It is already there, in us, but we cannot see it when there are obstacles, bad habits of mind, selfgrasping and others. For that the great practise of mediatation on voidness helps us to realize, that mind can become everything, but it's nature is Buddhahood, that is already present there.
To arise a bodhicitta in our mind there is needed a great practise of karmayoga, of helping others even it seems that it is crashing our own ego into parts. That is the best practise for increasing bodhicitta in us --- to try to help all others round us, and don't live only for ourselves.
When the right motivation is present, i.e. helping all other sentient beings, our practise will clarify, and will be stronger. More compassion we have more stronger and quicker will be the path to realize our Enlightenment.
It is not something that is not possible to attain in one's life. It is hard work but it can be done in one or few lifes. If not in life than in bardo state. In first bardo we can see our own dharmakaya. All our karmical visions in previous lifes, and next lives, all the phenomena is emerging from our own dharmakaya, that is ever present in ourselves, even when we don't have a experince of that. All phenomena, five elements are emerging from it according to our thoughts, habits of mind and state of realization we have.
Therefore a possibility to make miracles is possible when we realize state of dharmakaya and its clear light. Buddhas emanates trees, rivers, forests, and other surroundings for us sentient beings from that state, all the planets with life on them in different solar systems. Dalailama speaks of these emanations as of buddha emanations of third kind. All round us is made from light of dharmakaya. But through the interactions of different beings there could be produced a peace or chaos, that we live in. Pure dimensions are also there, and we can enter them, like Padmasambhava did without dying (great transfer), or we can make a rainbow body and dissolve our elements to space, live then like a Buddhas in the space and help immense numbers of next people, and sentient beings of 6 lokas.
Even if we practise, we can make our realization in the state of first bardo, and go to the Pure Lands. Also by Phowa while dying.
It is needed for us to make our practise sincere and by " full man ". Our habits of mind are important. If we make a habit of resting in Primordial state without the trying to " be in that state ", just be there and live all round us while we are in that state, we can make great changes to our future in the bardo and even now.
When we are in the Primordial state we need not to do anything. But we are often, mainly in the beginning of the practise disturbed and unused to the resting in that state, so that we are using tantric and other methods for coming into the Primordial state. Next if we stay in that state, enlightenment isn't anywhere else !
It is the state of all the buddhas and bodhisattvas of 10 directions. But the compassion and bodhicitta is the main ground for our practise. If we develop our bodhicitta, than all the practise will go faster, and stronger. But we have to know, that buddhahood is already in us, it is shining there, but because of the clouds of our thoughts we don't see the sun shining. But is shines and is in us, for sure !
To rest in Primordial state, or in Dharmakaya state great changes can happen when we try to realize, that we lacks nothing just have to relax and don't need to do anything.
When in the form of sambhogakaya we are using energy of yidams to increase and purify our energy, enlightenment is already in us and when we identify with the yidam, and are in non-dualistic vision - i.e. we don't see yidam being " outside " our mind, but to be a part of our dharmakaya energy manifestation in sambogakaya form, that it is a play of our own mind the yidam and the perfection that the yidam has is ours own, than nothing can make us barrier from our Buddhahood, we just have to trust ourselves more. The mind of a teacher isn't separate that of his disciple when there is a great devotion.
So that are my thoughts on toady :-)

All the best !!!

Stanislav / Lodro Nyima from Slovakia
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Re: Several thoughts on BuddhaDharma and Primordial state

Postby philji » Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:03 pm

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Re: Several thoughts on BuddhaDharma and Primordial state

Postby Sherab Dorje » Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:38 pm

Dear Stanislav,

Take it up with your guru. See what they have to say. I am sure they will know better than us. They'll tell you if you got it or not.
"When one is not in accord with the true view
Meditation and conduct become delusion,
One will not attain the real result
One will be like a blind man who has no eyes."
Naropa - Summary of the View from The Eight Doha Treasures
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