Every-minute Meditation.

Every-minute Meditation.

Postby Sara H » Fri Jan 04, 2013 5:54 am

This is something that's very central to my practice.

Every-minute Meditation.
Rev. Daizui MacPhillamy

Most students of Buddhism know that the practice of
meditation is not something which is limited to the times
each day we spend in formal seated meditation. But to bring
the mind of meditation out of the meditation hall and into
our everyday world of work and daily living is not always an
easy thing to do. I would like to share with you a method for
helping to do this. It is a practice common to many schools
of Buddhism and is known variously as “mindfulness training”,
“working meditation”, or “every-minute meditation”.
The method can be summarized in five steps:

1. Do one thing at a time.
2. Pay attention to what you are doing.
3. When your mind wanders to something else,
bring it back.
4. Repeat step number three a few hundred thousand
5. But, if your mind keeps wandering to the same
thing over and over, stop for a minute; maybe it is
trying to tell you something important.

That is all there is to it. It is incredibly simple and
requires nothing more than the willingness to do it with
some persistence, yet, at least for me, it has been second only
to formal seated meditation as the most important method of
practice in my training. [continued...]

How important is this to your practice?

In Gassho,

Sara H
"Life is full of suffering. AND Life is full of the Eternal
We can stand in our shadow, and wallow in the darkness,
We can turn around.
It is OUR choice." -Rev. Basil

" ...out of fear, even the good harm one another. " -Rev. Dazui MacPhillamy
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Re: Every-minute Meditation.

Postby Astus » Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:59 am

A story about "doing one thing at a time".

Seung Sahn would say, "When you eat, just eat. When you read the newspaper, just read the newspaper. Don't do anything other than what you are doing."

One day a student saw him reading the newspaper while he was eating. The student asked if this did not contradict his teaching. Seung Sahn said, "When you eat and read the newspaper, just eat and read the newspaper."
(Essential Zen, p. 15)
"There is no such thing as the real mind. Ridding yourself of delusion: that's the real mind."
(Sheng-yen: Getting the Buddha Mind, p 73)

"Neither cultivation nor seated meditation — this is the pure Chan of Tathagata."
(Mazu Daoyi, X1321p3b23; tr. Jinhua Jia)

“Don’t rashly seek the true Buddha;
True Buddha can’t be found.
Does marvelous nature and spirit
Need tempering or refinement?
Mind is this mind carefree;
This face, the face at birth."

(Nanyue Mingzan: Enjoying the Way, tr. Jeff Shore; T2076p461b24-26)
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Re: Every-minute Meditation.

Postby plwk » Fri Jan 04, 2013 11:11 am

"When you eat and read the newspaper, just eat and read the newspaper." :lol:
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