Hi new member looking to answer questions about Buddhism I have some experience.

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Hi new member looking to answer questions about Buddhism I have some experience.

Post by SomeoneNew1981 » Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:07 am


I've read the Vimalakirtri Sutra, the Lotus Sutra, the Dhammapa, The Upanishads (Hinduism). I grew up with Buddhists, Vietnamese, but we never talked about religion. So, I don't know a hole lot about the Cosmology of Buddhism and I want to learn more.

Me, I'm a Liberal Catholic like I think many if not most Catholics are. Recent life events have me wanting to supplement the Catholicism with reincarnation but I want to stick with known traditions like Buddhism. My Catholicism comes from Pope John Paul who among other things introduced forms of meditation which I learned with Sacred Heart Sisters. I also know Thomas Merton was exploring Buddhism before he passed away when he gave a lecture in Thai Land. Now, there is a Catholic Right like a Christian Right who disapprove of all this but I think they are in the minority of the Catholic world view which allows for different heritages and allows for a fudging of ideas.

If I remember correctly from an East Asian which I took with a Chinese Professor Mahayana does believe in THE Buddha or God. But that is if I remember correctly. I am also aware there are practitioners who don't believe in God. But I don't know what school those are.

I've also read other things like Many Lives and Many Masters and Journey of Souls, but this would just verify reincarnation but probably outside the purview of Buddhism. So, I'm learning to learn more.

I fear the Christian Right like I fear the Catholic right and I do find their message alienating and I hope more people turn to Buddhism as a source of religion. I don't think atheism is the answer. All I know from experience about Christians branches that are very conservative is they are not happy and do operate out of a fear of Hell. This I know from a recent experience where I believed I encountered evil so I tried being Catholic Right. It's just not good for the soul nor does it make you balanced or even happy throughout the day.

Well, that my introduction. That's the last I will talk about Catholicism wanting only to know more about Buddhism.

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Re: Hi new member looking to answer questions about Buddhism I have some experience.

Post by narhwal90 » Fri Nov 08, 2019 2:29 pm

Personally I would like to hear more about the Catholic meditation methods- a good friend of mine follows the Rule of Benedict in a somewhat lightened householder form, he introduced me to various volunteer efforts at his church that I've gotten involved with. I don't attend services but I watch the Catholics and see how their faith supports and strengthens them- its impressive.

He and I attend a meditation session at a local episcopalian church which has been meeting there weekly for well over 20 years- its John Maine there instead of Merton. There, they do the reading of the day from one of his books and quite often I see a lot in common with dharma fundamentals. The tradition in this group is to focus on the silently repeated mantra "maranatha" from the latin meaning. I use the opportunity to work on vipassana/samatha methods in company with them. After the session there is a short offering of prayers for those suffering- usually family & friends, and once again I remain impressed by their commitment to others- the pastor of the church attends the session.

Clearly given the venues various fundamental beliefs about existence of God, interpretation of the Bible and so on exist but where I am involved questions and answers about the topic do not arise. Among the Catholics I've been asked a few times which mass I attend, I think mostly because they never see me in one lol.

I'm not sure about easy distinctions between "right" and "left" here. My friend is a staunch hardnose conservative who grapples with various of the usual "ism's" with various degrees of success, but at the same time there he is committed to his church and beliefs and helping out variously in his church's efforts to help others.

Another friend of mine attends a big-box fire and brimstone Baptist congregation, I was visiting one day and overheard one of the televised services where the pastor was talking about how to pray. He started by the instruction to "Get quiet..." which sounds a lot like some basic meditation instructions. I would like to take up that topic with him sometime. Divisive questions of doctrine seem easy topics to get caught up in when the life and blood of practices are elsewhere.

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Re: Hi new member looking to answer questions about Buddhism I have some experience.

Post by DNS » Fri Nov 08, 2019 5:37 pm

Welcome to DW!

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Re: Hi new member looking to answer questions about Buddhism I have some experience.

Post by Fortyeightvows » Sun Nov 10, 2019 11:49 am

You can easily search the site for anything that interests you. Please feel free to comment on anything of interest.
I usually use a site-specific search in my browser, i.e. searching for
site:https://dharmawheel.net search-term
where search-term is what you're looking for.
Since the forum has been going for so long, there will be huge numbers of results for most common terms. Google Advanced Search lets you restrict results by date, and that can be handy, too.

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