Namo Buddhaya from Indonesia; Spiritual Journey

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Namo Buddhaya from Indonesia; Spiritual Journey

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Hello everyone, my name is Ale from Indonesia. In advance, I have to say my English is not perfect, so pardon me if I my words are mistaken.
I'm 35 y.o, live in a small old temple in the center of a city, Bandung. My dad is a Buddha priest.
Cant say I'm religious though, still.. I have strong faith about Buddha. However, it comes to me sometimes, the willing of exploring the correlation or the connection between me and the world. I'm quite philosophy person, its makes me having so many questions which no one can answer, because (maybe) it doesn't have an answer. Some said, "ohhh, Ale. Just live life."
I do
But the questions wont go away.
Living in a temple, and having my dad as a priest, not a guarantee of my curiosity and cant give an answer as the way I want it. That's why, lately I was thinking - how it feel - to have a spiritual journey. Will it be an answer, or for at least for some of the questions? Or will it lead me to another questions? I was thinking I have to explore my own, or with companion that has the same aim with me.

It would be an honor if some of you, my friend, who have this experience to share; those who already have the spiritual journey, or those who have interest on philosophy and might have that tons of questions like me. Or maybe those who will have the spiritual journey.

Thank you, Namo Buddhaya

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Re: Namo Buddhaya from Indonesia; Spiritual Journey

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Re: Namo Buddhaya from Indonesia; Spiritual Journey

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