Excellent Mahamudra vids

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Excellent Mahamudra vids

Post by Crazywisdom » Tue Jun 06, 2017 9:29 am

See Drupon Yeshi Rinpoche, one of the best, along w Drupon Rinchin Dorje Rinpoche. I received FFPM and N6Y from DYR and Dzambala from DRDR




If you don't have a lama you can watch this and practice this. He gives basic shamata, pointing out instructions; DRDR gives a sadhana and a reading of Tilopa's Ganges mahamudra. Pretty neat package.
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Re: Excellent Mahamudra vids

Post by PuerAzaelis » Fri Jun 09, 2017 4:20 am

They are wonderful ty, indeed the videos are a complete teaching for practice. Perhaps something was lost in translation but I had some difficulty understanding how some points were interrelated.

I'd also encourage those interested to pursue the later Drikung Seattle teachings on mahamudra, and other teachings, which build on the initial foundation established by Drupon Yeshi Rinpoche, which are also available on YouTube.

To my limited understanding those later teaching are, well, mind blowing. Such a great richness of information is given, in the constraints of such a limited time, on so many levels, that it is extremely fortunate that there is a record of those subsequent teachings, for us to review.

Ty Crazywisdom for these links.
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