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Tashi delek,

In the third week of this month's dharma talk series, Eliot Tokar, a traditional Tibetan medicine doctor, discusses the second principle of function, mKhris-pa, and how to treat our anger and frustration.

mKhris-pa can also be Bile ... owa-rigpa/



is characterized by the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of heat, and is the source of many functions such as thermo regulation, metabolism, liver function and discriminating intellect.

In embryological development, the mind's expression of aggression is manifested as the system of mKhris-pa.

There are 5 distinct subcategories of mKhris-pa each with specific locations and functions:

- 'Ju-Byed mKhris-pa
- sGrub-Byed mKhris-pa
- mDangs-sGyur mKhris-pa
- mThong-Byed mKhris-pa
- mDog-Sel mKhris-pa.

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