Making ghee from salted butter?

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Making ghee from salted butter?

Post by Inge » Tue Nov 08, 2011 9:39 pm

As the only organic butter available here is salted, I wonder if this is unsuitable for making ghee? Most ghee recipes I have seen specify that unsalted butter should be used, but I have found that the salt in the salted butter is released together with the milk solids, leaving the ghee unsalty.

Is it any particular reason why the butter should be unsalted? Does the ghee lose it's health beneficial properties when it is made from salted butter?

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Re: Making ghee from salted butter?

Post by A Ah Sha Sa Ma Ha » Wed Nov 09, 2011 12:41 am

I've made ghee with salted big deal...unsalted has a shorter shelf life than salted...but it still tastes good. Unsalted tastes a little better tho (more authentic I think ). If made properly, you don't need to refridgerate it either.

This is what an article on ghee says:

"I can only find salted butter. You can still make delicious ghee with salted butter. And no, it won’t be salty.

The butter will froth a bit more during the steps in the instructions where I would indicate it should bubble. Make your ghee in a slightly larger pot to prevent the froth from overflowing, and give it a stir when it does froth up to bring it down in volume. If you’re worried about overflow, you can also just take it off the heat for a moment and stir and things will calm down. The resulting ghee will taste fabulous but have a slightly gritty texture. Also, those milk solids, don’t eat ‘em. That’s where all the salt will go! Pour those puppies down the drain. " ... -you-dare/" onclick=";return false;

Here's some more good tips: ... z1d9z1KmKc" onclick=";return false;

I guess unsalted is used because it's from the freshest cream (as it's unsalted/unpreserved)
Whereas is it's salted (preserved) it isn't the freshest cream.

Personally , I think UNsalted tastes fresher & more authentic.


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Re: Making ghee from salted butter?

Post by PadmaVonSamba » Wed Nov 09, 2011 1:52 am

I put butter in the microwave and then let it separate by itself when it cools. Then I spoon off the milkfat & water. I do this a few times until the butter is clear. Unsalted is better because there is just one less thing to remove. So, it's convenient. Also, salt masks the taste of rancid butter, which is also I think why they add it to begin with.
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