Colitis Treatment

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Colitis Treatment

Post by dianah »

My colitis had been in remission for 2 years and now has flared up. This happens when there is overwhelming stress in my life (work, personal etc.)
The medication I take is Asacol which brings the colitis into remission. Does anyone know of any alternative treatments?
Thanks! di
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Re: Colitis Treatment

Post by Jinzang »

Constitutional homeopathy.
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Re: Colitis Treatment

Post by rory »

Hi Dianah;
my father has colitis & like you takes asacol. He's 87 & had 3-4 flare-ups over the years and always beat it.He's also fit, sharp & in good physical shape. One thing you might try is a vegan diet. My dad's basically vegan since he is 70, he cooks vegan at home & eats meat or whatever he wants when going out. This may account for his infrequent bouts, as my mother had irritable bowel syndrome & I too had a precursor of IBS but our vegan diets stopped it dead.

I totally second constitutional homeopathy it eradicated 90% of my allergies, whch were brought on by stress.
Another thing, fun exercise is a great stress reliever. I play badminton with my dad, something fun, not grinding at the gym.
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Re: Colitis Treatment

Post by Thrasymachus »

How much bread and meat, animal products do you eat? Also how often do you make a bowel movement each day?
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Re: Colitis Treatment

Post by emaho »

This thread is already a bit old, but anyway: licorice root tea is said to be good against colitis.
Licorice Tea: Cleanses the colon; promotes adrenal function; decreases spasms; recommended to treat hypoglycemia, bronchitis, colitis, diverticulosis, gastritis, stress, colds, nausea and inflammation.

Scientifically this isn't proven, but drinking a few cups of licorice tea is not a big risk and definitely worth a try. I've made some good experiences with licorice tea with symptoms that appeared like colitis to me, but I've never consulted a physician with this so I can't tell you for sure. After a few cups of licorice tea my self-diagnosed colitis went away.

Licorice tea is quite cheap and since it's also good against bronchitis having it in the house is never a mistake. Just give it a try.
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Re: Colitis Treatment

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