TTM for Westerners?

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Thomas Amundsen
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TTM for Westerners?

Post by Thomas Amundsen »

Is TTM effective for Westerners? For example, I have heard that Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche was told to go to Western doctors because he had been living in the West for so long. Is this only because he had a serious health condition, or is TTM not really effective for Westerners due to climate and diet differences?


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Re: TTM for Westerners?

Post by Paul »

I tried it and it worked very well for me for issues that western medicine was completely unable to touch (and actually badly damaged me trying).

For anyone considering it, it's worth trying.
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Re: TTM for Westerners?

Post by Virgo »

Hi Tom.

In my experience it works fine for westerners.


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Re: TTM for Westerners?

Post by rose »

Topic moved from the Tibetan Medicine forum. The Tibetan Medicine forum has specific guidelines. This topic has already generated responses from members so it is best suited in the Alternatvie Health general forum where there are no specific guidelines.


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