MRSA - remedy?

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MRSA - remedy?

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Are there medicinal herbs, or medicines that can purchased to cure a fleshing eating bacterial infection. The infection is called MRSA. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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Re: MRSA - remedy?

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J Wound Care. 2007 Sep;16(8):325-8.
Effect of medical honey on wounds colonised or infected with MRSA.
Blaser G, Santos K, Bode U, Vetter H, Simon A.
Woundpecker Wound Care Team, Children's Hospital Medical Centre, University of Bonn, Germany.
Full healing was achieved in seven consecutive patients whose wounds were either infected or colonised with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Antiseptics and antibiotics had previously failed to irradicate the clinical signs of infection.
PMID: 17927079 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

If you google NCBI Pubmed and enter search terms, there are more up to date papers there.

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Re: MRSA - remedy?

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If you want a practice to go along with medicine, the Fire sword of Black Garuda has been made widely available:


Here is a Youtube teaching by Tsem Tulku Rinpoche from a sadhana by Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

The practice was taught during the SARS epidemic of 2004. Lama Zopa Rinpoche produced a practice from which Tsem Tulku taught. There are minor discrepancies e.g. ‘benza’ (Tibetan) instead of ‘vajra’ (Sanskrit).

Here is the Youtube teaching, in which Tsem Tulku explains the practice for those who have not received HYT empowerments and therefore cannot self-generate as Lord Garuda.

The videos are parts 3&4 of a 4-part instruction on White Tara and Black Garuda.

The teachings on Black Garuda begin 37 minutes into Part 3: ... re=related" onclick=";return false;

Part 4 continues Black Garuda instruction and draws the threads of both practices together: ... re=related" onclick=";return false;

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Re: MRSA - remedy?

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At the hospital we sometimes use colloidal silver dressings. A very ancient Ayur Vedic remedy for infection, though I suspect I am the only one who doesn't think it is a modern scientific breakthrough.

This is a Terma meant for public distribution. It specifically mentions MRSA.

A Mantra for Cancer, AIDS, Diseases and Plagues

In Mid December, 1994, a fully Realized being had a very powerful experience while feeling One with the Totality of Being.

Out of this Ocean of Being came tremendous, overwhelming pure Love, and for the benefit of those who are and will suffer from the diseases and plagues of this Age, this Pure Love exploded into the words of a Mantra.

“There will be viruses going around like (the one in) that movie The Stand,’ like that infection that’s eating people’s flesh, cancer, and I felt specifically it was good for AIDS. So I give it (the Mantra) to everyone, and you please give it to everybody whom you know. The more you pass it around the better.”

“There are absolutely no conditions or requirements for the effective use of this Mantra. Just, once you hear it, it’s yours, and do it as much as you can, and give it to as many people as you can. A person of any religion, any caste, any sex, any color can do this. It doesn’t belong to any particular deity, religion, tradition, belief, or practice: only Pure Love. It belongs to everyone, it’s like: what conditions are there to take a breath? You know? You do it. It belongs to everyone. The moment you hear it, it’s yours, no conditions.”

“So it’s good for cancer, AIDS, and all the new plagues. And give it to everybody, especially people who have AIDS, and tell them to dictate it to other people too, so that it spreads.”

“It (the Mantra) gave itself birth on Thursday, Dec. 22, 1994 at sunset (near Toronto, Canada). Appropriately enough, on the day of the festival of the return of the light, which is the Solstice, celebrated by all ancient traditions.”

“In one sense, it is Everything. In another it is Nothing. It is an expression of the longing for Realization, Wholesomeness, Completeness within all beings and things. In another, it is that very Realization, Wholesomeness, Completeness offering itself to you.”

“It belongs to everyone, it cannot be bought, traded, or bargained for. Nothing can be said about it, nothing should be said about it. Just do it, and let it do its work of healing and transformation. The best way to ‘do it’ is just to listen to it, while surrendering to the Source, or Ground of all Being which is not something primordial, transcendental, or far away, but rather the one who is listening.”

OM Swah-mee vee-ram bah-bah-bhah-sah hoong pay

The “bh” in “bababhassa” is pronounced bh as in Clubhouse.

The “ss” in “bababhassa” is pronounced like the s in snake.

Repeat aloud or silently in you mind, over and over, as many times as possible and as often as possible. Count repetitions as you do them on a rosary, string of 108 beads, or “mala,” if you wish to do so.

“May it benefit beings.”

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Re: MRSA - remedy?

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You can't mess about with MRSA. If Methicillin doesn't work, Vancomycin is the next drug in the armoury. My knowledge is now at least 6 years out of date.

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Re: MRSA - remedy?

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Look at a probiotic remedy by a Japanese doctor called Dr Ohira's formula. It has excellent research in Japan to prove its efficiency. MRSA is tough to deal with, so use high does of it.

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