A Survey of Chanjing Meditation Manuals

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A Survey of Chanjing Meditation Manuals

Post by Leo Rivers » Fri Jun 21, 2013 5:46 pm

A Survey of Chanjing Meditation Manuals
Extracted from The Sutra of the Ocean-Like Samadhi of the Visualization of the Buddha: The Interfusion of the Chinese and Indian Cultures in Central Asian as Reflected in a Fifth Century Apocryphal Sutra. PhD dissertation by Nobuyoshi Yamabe.

http://www.scribd.com/doc/97215007/A-Su ... on-Manuals

some texts covered:

(1) The “Yogalehrbuch ”

(2) The *Yogācārabhūmi of Buddhasena (Damo duoluo chan jing T15:301b-25c [No.6l8], KBhB). Translated by Buddhabhadra.

(3) Zuochan sanmei jing (A Manual on the Samāddhi of Sitting Meditation, T15:269c-86a
[No.614], ZSJ). Translated by Kumarajiva.

(4)Chanfayaojie (The Essential Explanation of the Methods of Meditation, Tl5:286b-97c [No.6l6], CY). Translated by Kumarajiva.

(5)Siwei liieyao fa (The Abridged Essence of Meditation,Tl5:297c- 300c [No.617], SLF). Translated by Kumarajiva.

(6) Wumen chanjing yaoyong fa (The Essence of the Meditation Manual Consisting of Five Gates, Tl5:325c-33a [No.6l9], WCYF). Translated by Dharmamitra.

(7) Chan miyao fa jing (A Manual of the Secret Essentials of Meditation,T15:242c-69c[No.613],CMJ). Translated by Kumarajiva.

(8) Zhi chan bing miyao fa (The Secret Essential Methods to Cure the Diseases Caused by Meditation,T15:333a-42b[No.620],ZCMF). Translated by Juqu Jingsheng.


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