The 2 Bodhiruci

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The 2 Bodhiruci

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Bodhiruci #1
Bodhiruci (菩提留支, 5th–6th centuries) means Bodhi splendor. A Buddhist master from northern India, he was versed in Mantra practices and the Tripiṭaka. Aspiring to propagate the Dharma, in 502, the first year of the Yongping (永平) years of the Northern Wei Dynasty (386–534), he arrived in Luoyang (洛陽), China’s capital. Emperor Xuanwu (魏宣武帝) valued him highly and commanded him to stay in the Yongning Temple (永寧寺) to translate Sanskrit texts into Chinese.

Bodhiruci was a Buddhist monk and esoteric master from North India (6th century CE). He became very active as a teacher following his arrival in Loyang, China in 508 (during the Northern Wei).

He produced translations of 39 works in 127 fascicles, including the Sutra on the Ten Grounds (Chi. 十地経論) and commentary, and the Shorter Sukhāvati Sutra with commentary. The former text became the chief object of study for the Ti-lun (地論) School, of which Bodhiruci is regarded as the patriarch.

Bodhiruci #2
The collection in its present Chinese form was compiled in the
T'ang dynasty by Bodhiruci, a South Indian Brahman and illustrious
Tripijaka master who arrived in China in 693. Bodhiruci brought with
him Sanskrit manuscripts which he used in making his version of the
collection. The Emperor Chung-tsung requested him to translate the
Ratnakuta, and Chung-tsung's successor, Jui-tsung, also took a personal
interest in the project. Bodhiruci began work with a team of assistants
in 706 and completed the translation in 713. It was the last of the many
translations which Bodhiruci undertook before devoting himself to the
practice of meditation in preparation for his death. He died at a great
age in 727.
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