Platform Sutra

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Platform Sutra

Post by Nicholas Weeks » Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:58 pm

There are several translations into English, but I had never read Red Pine's version. Glad I have it now, for his is based on a much older recension, although he does quote parts of later 1200s popular version and contrasts the two a bit.

Here is a sample, when he first meets the Fifth Patriarch:
3. Master Hung-jen asked me, ‘Where are you from? And what exactly
do you hope to get from me by coming to this mountain to pay your respects?’

I answered, ‘Your disciple is from Lingnan, a commoner of Hsinchou.
The reason I came all this way to pay my respects is I want to
be a buddha. I don’t want anything else.’

The Master scoffed, ‘But you’re from Lingnan and a jungle rat as
well. How can you possibly be a buddha?’

I replied, ‘People come from the north or south, not their buddha
nature. The lives of this jungle rat and the Master’s aren’t the same,
but how can our buddha nature differ?’

The Master was about to say something more to me. But when
he saw his attendants standing there, he didn’t say anything else
and sent me to join the sangha workforce. A novice then led me to
the milling room, where I pedaled a millstone for more than eight months.
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Re: Platform Sutra

Post by RisingSon » Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:07 pm

a jungle rat
:twothumbsup: That's another perspective on the typical 'Aborigine' translation of Cleary... besides this I'm not seeing alot of difference in the section you posted :reading:

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