Jiaogulan, a very cheap non heating tonic herb.

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Jiaogulan, a very cheap non heating tonic herb.

Post by Nemo » Mon Feb 24, 2014 5:02 pm

I enjoy Chinese tonic medicine but good quality herbs have become very expensive over the last few decades. Things like linghzi muchrooms, gingseng and lycii fruit(Goji) cost a fortune now. To the point I rarely buy them. A TCM Doctor turned me onto Jiaogulan. It costs about one tenth of the herbs I mentioned and is great tonic. Very bitter, it is not heating and helped with some trauma and unexpectedly a sore throat and bronchitis. If winter is wearing you down this really hits the spot for as little as 5$.

Jiaogulan (Chinese: 绞股蓝 "twisting-vine-orchid")

Has anyone else tried it?

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