Is Coconut Oil Overrated?

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Re: Is Coconut Oil Overrated?

Post by DGA » Mon Sep 18, 2017 3:57 pm

TharpaChodron wrote:
Dharma Flower wrote:Does anyone here eat avocados? Are they a healthy source of dietary fat? I realize that they are high in fat content, but I've cut fat almost entirely from my diet.
Yes, avocados are a favorite of mine. they are considered healthy, but they are rich and high in fat, which means they still need to be eaten in moderation.

I saw you mentioned eating something like 30 bananas or 30 servings of fruit a day. A banana is more than one serving of fruit. So, be careful about portion size as opposed to an actual fruit, etc.
Avocados are excellent food.

Coconut oil is great, too.

This thread is bananas.

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