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Posted: Mon May 07, 2018 7:05 pm
by kalden yungdrung
Tashi delek,

I was asking myself on which energy run our daily visions ?

We know in the western medicine the autonomous neurological system which governs some internal organs qua function.

My question was always how can we compare that to the Tibetan Medical system.

Also in TCM we have 5 ChiĀ“s which are responsible for some activities regarding mind and internal organs etc.

- Back to the question would be which energy (ies) is / are responsible for our daily seeing in TTM?
- Are there charts available in TTM of the seeing / looking process ?
- In how far can we compare the western medical charts of the eye, including the related nervous system, to TTM ?
- Are the western explanations regarding the anatomical and physiological / histological aspects of the eye tolerated in TTM?