8 Precepts - bare minimum frequency

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8 Precepts - bare minimum frequency

Post by Dharmasherab » Fri Dec 27, 2019 8:29 am

This is just a question where I am asking for a confirmation.

To my knowledge, it is recommended for lay Buddhists to follow the 8 Precepts at least 4 times a month, ideally based on the phases of the moon.

But sometimes such days don't nicely fall into weekends, where they are like normal working days. In such circumstances, is it commendable to follow them during the weekend or a non-working holiday during the month?

How often per month or year as a bare minimum, should we follow the 8 Precepts?

Links on the 8 Precepts -
https://www.lamayeshe.com/sites/default ... 03_pdf.pdf

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Re: 8 Precepts - bare minimum frequency

Post by Vasana » Fri Dec 27, 2019 9:11 am

Just work with your circumstances and do it as often as you can. For some that will mean once a day, others a few times a month. Sometimes you will havr a dew extra days off and may be ablr to do a few more in a row to compensate for others you missed. Be consistent but flexibile. Rules like this aren't often set in stone for lay people. Even if you originally agreed with a preceptor to keep up a minimum number of days but can't do it one week or one month, it's not the end of the world and you can ask or let them know you are changing the frequency to suit your circumstances. Just try and do the same or more for the next month if it's possible. Or you can keep some of the precepts but not the ones you know you won't be able to keep on that day.

Work out what works for you without it becoming something you feel forced to do. It's all too easy for discipline and ethics to feel like a burden if we forget the reason for the teachings in the first place and the way they benefit other areas of our life and practice. It shouldn't be a source of worry or guilt or resentment but rather out of appreciation for the path, compassion for beings etc.

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Re: 8 Precepts - bare minimum frequency

Post by Simon E. » Fri Dec 27, 2019 10:08 am

Cough.... :shrug:

I can say in all honesty I try to keep the five in spirit. I have not formally verbalised them in years. Neither does any other practitioner known to me. ....Apart from the Theravadins. The last three of the eight have never featured in my life at all.
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