Rimay Monlam 2016, Portugal

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Rimay Monlam 2016, Portugal

Post by Tiago Simões » Tue Jun 14, 2016 9:14 pm

Wasn't able to attend myself unfortunately :crying:, but here is a video and some photos!

H. H. Dalai Lama Longevity Prayer at Rimay Monlam 2016 - Portugal:
https://www.facebook.com/RimayMonlam201 ... =2&theater

Now that we finished the Rimay Monlam and taking into account the deep spiritual success of the event, the power of aspirations and the powerful manifestation of bodhicitta that radiated every moment, I can say that the dedication of each participant, but very particular devotion , diligence and comitment of those who gave very directly "skin and bones" to this Aspiration Prayer Festival, this incredible blessing, which is the Rimay Monlam, occurred in Portugal in its tenth edition.

So my personal thanks to Tulku Sherdor by everything that makes possible this unique event. Gratitude to Lama Pema Chopel (Bob Flaws) and Lama Dondrub for their kindness and participation.

My gratitude to those members of the Guhya Mantrika Community that demonstrated the true meaning of community and Sangha in having the Dharma and the benefit of being above their personal interests and obligations; demonstrating that the Bodhichitta begins to take root and flourish in fact in the heart of some students and disciples.

Finally thank you to every single participant or collective, such as representatives of Kangyur Rinpoche Foundation, which with their participation made this event a unique occurrence in the life of each of us.

Finally I apologize for the photography not be representative of all those who participated and made the Ist Rimay Monlam in Portugal a success.

Thank you all

Lama Gyurme Changchub Dorje

Sorry for my broken english...

The shanga:
Tulku Sherdor and Lama Dondrub:
Lama Dondrub:
Lama Gyurme and Lama Pema Chopel (Bob Flaws):
More people:
Lama Gyurme:

Sorry for the long post :smile: more photos in the facebook page!
Then, the Licchavi Vimalakīrti spoke to the elder Śāriputra and the great disciples: “Reverends, eat of the food of the Tathāgata! It is ambrosia perfumed by the great compassion. But do not fix your minds in narrow-minded attitudes, lest you be unable to receive its gift.”

- Chapter 9, The Feast Brought by the Emanated Incarnation
The Noble Mahāyāna Sūtra “The Teaching of Vimalakīrti”

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