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Nichiren section

Post by Minobu »

Nichiren shoShu , Nichiren shu and the Soka Gakki all have a moderated section where they can post their dogma free of rebuttal.

I being an independent practitioner post in the open section of the Nichiren forum . I cannot make a thread with a basic point without Nichiren shoshu members hijacking the thread to suit their dogma.

Is it possible for an Independant section to be added to the sub forum .

this would allow for a an independent practitioner to state their views without getting sucked into arcane Shoshu debates.

there is shoshu dogma and they have a place for their dogma to be published freely.

in all fairness , I for one , need a place where independent practitioners can voice their opinion . Freely and free standing.

maybe a trial period would suffice to show it can be productive without the aggravation of established dogma from the gakki and shoshu practitioners who insist that Lord Sakyamuni Buddha's teachings are no longer valid.

In an independant section one would be protected from such hijacks.
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