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Topic or Forum Subscriptions

Post by Kaji » Thu Sep 27, 2012 7:46 am

How do I subscribe to a topic or forum? In User Control Panel, under the "Overview" tab there is an option called "Manage subscriptions". In other forums I have used, subscribing to a topic means whenever someone else has posted in that thread the system will notify you with an email. I have tried to find a button to use this function but failed. If this forum function has been enabled, a subscribe button that is easier to find would be good. If the function has been disabled, my suggestion would be to enable it if possible; if not please at least not show it in the User Control Panel.

Also, under the "Board preferences" tab if you click on "Edit posting defaults" you would see the option "Notify me upon replies by default". Apparently, enabling it does not make it work. This is a function that I would find useful.
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