Turning water into wine(Chogyam Trungpa)

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Re: Turning water into wine(Chogyam Trungpa)

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boda wrote:
boda wrote:
According to Diana Mukpo, wife and widow of Trungpa, he ultimately became disillusioned with Tendzin as his heir, and during his final illness he called Tendzin "terrible" and "dreadful", and indicated that he would have gotten rid of Tendzin had he a suitable candidate with which to replace him.[24]
The obvious question now is how could he have made such a grievous error?

There are truths in Buddhism which describe suffering, the cause and the way to the cessation of it. In the part that describes the way to the cessation of suffering it mentions not getting intoxicated. Perhaps these truths are true?
No one has responded to this. I find it particularly interesting in light of this earlier claim:
He minds your business completely; he minds every inch of your life. Your guru has the ability to do such a thing, because he knows every inch of your life, of your state of consciousness. He knows the tiniest fragments of your subconscious gossip, he knows all the little freckles in your mental functions. The guru has a complete understanding of all this. Therefore you are highly exposed, fully exposed.

Trungpa, Chogyam (2010-09-28). The Lion's Roar: An Introduction to Tantra (Dharma Ocean Series) (Kindle Locations 930-940). Shambhala Publications. Kindle Edition.
If he knew the tiniest fragments of Tendzin subconscious, and Tendzin was indeed completely exposed, then how could Chogyam Trungpa have made the mistake of making him his heir? Is there some nuance that I'm missing which accounts for this apparent contradiction?
No one has responded because it's a nonsensical question, from someone who appears to only be in the thread to stir the pot in the first place, locking the thread for now, we've had enough antagonistic Trungpa threads to last a lifetime. If someone has anything to say that hasn't already been said a million times on the forum, or feels they have a strong case for the thread to continue, PM me and we can talk about it.
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