Interview with Yama, Dharma King

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Interview with Yama, Dharma King

Post by Nicholas Weeks » Sun Aug 28, 2016 2:55 am

Through Changchub, the Dharma King sent messages to the beings of the World of the Living, saying, “Trust in the Three Jewels, develop enlightened attitudes, make offerings, receive teachings and transmissions, and especially recite OM MANI PADME HUNG, which is the essence of Dharma.”

Changchub asked the Dharma King, “Do all human beings have to see you when they die?” The Dharma King replied, “There is no one in the human world who will not meet me, with the exception of two kinds of people. People who have been committed to the Dharma from their birth will go to the Blissful Pure Land as soon as their minds are separated from their bodies. They will have no need to see me. Those who have committed grave misdeeds from their birth will go straight down to hell. They will have no chance to see me.”

Again Changchub asked, “Is there any virtuous deed that will not benefit, or is there any evil deed that will not harm?” The Dharma King answered, “Yes, even if you spent wealth for virtuous projects, if you have taken it from vajra masters or your parents by deception, from ascetics by force, or from any others as taxes, then it will not count as a virtue. Opposing enemies of masters and of the Dharma will not count as an evil deed. If, with the intention of protecting the weak or vulnerable, you oppose harmful beasts, poisonous snakes, thieves, murderers, and other beings who hurt others, that is not unvirtuous."

Excerpt From: Tulku Thondup; Peaceful Death, Joyful Rebirth: A Tibetan Buddhist Guidebook, 146
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