Sakya Jetsunma and the 4 mandala Puja of Green Tara

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Sakya Jetsunma and the 4 mandala Puja of Green Tara

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Jetsun Kushok-La was born into the Drolma Phodrang, or Tara Palace of the Sakya Khön family. She began her dharma studies at the age of five, and His Holiness Sakya Trizin was born when she was six years old. According to the tradition in her family, she took novice ordination when she was "old enough to scare crows away" at the age of seven. When she was ten years old, she made her first retreat. She meditated on the form of Vajrapani known as Bhutadamara, and in one month completed one million recitations of the short mantra, HUM VAJRA PHAT, and one hundred thousand recitations of the long mantra. In her eleventh year, her father, Kunga Rinchen, sent her on her first teaching assignment. She spent the fourth through the tenth Tibetan months among the nomads on the northern plains of Tibet, giving transmissions and teachings on Phowa, or transference of consciousness, as well as conducting gtorma offerings, performing lhasang or incense offerings, and giving other teachings and empowerments.

This was 1951, and it was here that she made one of the first of her well-known Mo divinations at a large monastery in the area where she was giving the teachings. This was at the time of political troubles surrounding the Radring regent. The abbot of the local monastery, Kardor Rinpoche, had sided with the Radring regent and for this he had been imprisoned by the Tibetan government. An earnest and worried delegation from this monastery requested an audience with the Sakya Jetsunma and asked her to do a Mo to determine when their abbot would be released from prison. She made a divination with dice and recommended that the members of the monastery perform the four mandala puja of Green Tara, and recite the Twenty-One praises to Tara one hundred thousand times.

In 1952, during a visit to Lhasa, when the Dalai Lama recognised and confirmed her brother as the Sakya Trizin, a group of monks requested an audience with her. They thanked her sincerely and profusely, and when she inquired the reason for this thanks, having forgotten about the incident and the Mo, they told her that they had followed her instructions and that their abbot had been released the day after they had completed the one hundred thousandth recitation of the Twenty-One Praises.

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