Harappan Yogis

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Harappan Yogis

Postby Indrajala » Mon Sep 24, 2012 4:55 am

Some time ago I was reading a friend's paper and it noted a seal which had been uncovered from a Harappan site (Indus Valley Civilization). Some suggest it is a "yogic posture". If that's true it means there were yogic traditions in India stretching back to Harappan times.



The figure could have been portrayed simply at sitting, but this is unclear.

It would confirm the Jain and Buddhist ideas of yogis being around the subcontinent for innumerable years prior to Mahavira and the Buddha.
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Re: Harappan Yogis

Postby Lhug-Pa » Mon Sep 24, 2012 5:27 am

True indeed.

Search for Dravidians and Elamites in the Dharmawheel search function for related posts.

Also: Mohenjodaro or Mohenjo-Daro.

As I've mentioned before, Samten Karmay's mentioning of the Little Black-Headed Man of Tibet in The Arrow and the Spindle is way interesting, considering that the Sumerians (who were in contact with the Elamites and Dravidians) were known as the Black-Headed Ones.

There may even be some relation here to the Pygmy forms of the Khemetian and Æthiopian Deities Asar or Asaur, Heru, and Bes, Bas, or Basu. Although I don't know if anyone else besides myself has thought of this latter theory.

I believe that Tamils, Dalits, and Chandalas & Chandalis are all or mostly Dravidian too.

The quote in my signature from Godfrey Higgins could be another clue here as well.

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