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Re: Modern Education

Post by Sara H » Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:32 am

I want to add on this,
that we should not confuse the problems with neo-feminism in first world countries, with the problems women face in the third world, or other parts of the world.

The problems women face in third world countries are real. They need rights, and they need them enforced.

They need real opportunities and cultural change.

I don't necessarily agree that "feminism" in the sense of women's rights should not be spread in other countries.

I do agree that the misandrist feminism in the modern west is troubling, and anti-men. It has gone from promoting women, to degrading men.

Which is not helpful either. But the problems of women in places like India, and Bangladesh are real, and need to be addressed.

If anyone here has Netflix, I would suggest watching the film "Whores' Glory" which is a documentary that includes very real unbiased accounts of brothel girls in the slums of Bangladesh, as well as girl's in Thailand, and Mexico.

It shows the differences in the situations are quite stark. While the girl's in Thailand seem to be quite happy, the girl's in Bangladesh are literally living in garbage with the young children sleeping in the hallway while men walk around the brothel to the girl's seeking services.

It's pretty bad. When they get too old to bring in clients they have no where else to go because of cultural prejudices.

There's a lot of problems that women rights need to address, these are human rights, and human decency issues.

But that doesn't change the fact that feminism in the west has become redundant and indulgent and a bit vicious and bitter towards men.

There needs to be a middle ground here.

"Life is full of suffering. AND Life is full of the Eternal
We can stand in our shadow, and wallow in the darkness,
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It is OUR choice." -Rev. Basil Singer

" ...out of fear, even the good harm one another. " -Rev. Dazui MacPhillamy

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