Insight Meditation Timer

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Insight Meditation Timer

Post by Wayfarer »

A friend showed me the excellent Insight Timer which I put on my iPhone earlier this month. It has lots of nice features, not least of which is keeping a log, producing beautiful bell-tones, and 'connecting' you with others using it all over the globe. Very neat little app.

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Re: Insight Meditation Timer

Post by Kim O'Hara »

I've never used it but a lot of people over on the other DW seem to like it:

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Re: Insight Meditation Timer

Post by lobster »

I have a couple of silent vibrio watches as gifts. Used once I think. A traditional method was using incense that has a known burning time . . . :twothumbsup:
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Re: Insight Meditation Timer

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I've been usimg this for some months now. I really like it and its features.

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