Printing from TBRC files

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Printing from TBRC files

Post by mutsuk » Sat Jul 27, 2013 6:07 pm

Hi Everyone,

I guess many of you here have already tried to print files from TBRC. When it comes to dpe-cha, what one gets is one side per page, which means wasting a lot of paper. Has someone found a way to print, say, three recto sides on a single page and three verso sides on the back ? If so how do you do that ?

I have made a model with Xpress, but the import device does not give good results (even when converting the pdfs into jpg, jpg2000, Tiffs, etc.), especially since the scans are not of topmost quality generally. They are good enough (and in fact pretty good) for viewing on the screen, but when importing these into Xpress, they look pixelized, way enough to make reading very annoying...

So if someone knows of an efficacious way to print several of these pdf dpe-cha sides on a single page, please let me know ! Thanks in advance.

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