A Story Told By Thera Thavorn : Gatha Namo-Buddhaya

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A Story Told By Thera Thavorn : Gatha Namo-Buddhaya

Post by tidathep » Sat Aug 17, 2013 1:09 pm

Sawaddee Ka :namaste:

Do you remember "The Most Beautiful Glass-Temple" that Thera Thavorn had it built??...I posted @DW not long ago. Oh yes...it was the same wonderful-Thera Thavorn who told this story to his monks/novices!!

A Story Told By Thera Thavorn : Gatha Namo-Buddhaya
[Translated from a Thai story @facebook by Yawares]

The year 1965, Thera Samphao, the abbot at Wat Sapharn(Thailand) invited the great super-Thera Thavorn to stay at his temple, to teach subject-of-meditation to all his monks.

Thera Samphao suffered a strange disease(trembling body) with so much pain in his chest. One day, Thera Thavorn had nimitta that Yamaraja(the King of Death) appeared to tell him that if Thera Thavorn paid homage to the 5 Buddhas and also add Yamaraja in his mind then recited the words NAMO-BUDDHAYA to the head of Thera Samphao...his suffering/pain would stop...but this Gatha-Namo-Buddhaya could not cure the disease or prevent death...just stopped the trembling/pain.

Later, Thera Samphao suffered with this disease so much..Thera Thavorn told his novices:

- to put Thera Samphao's head on his lap.
- to light 5 incenses, 1 candle.
Then Thera Thavorn paid homage to the 5 Buddhas,adding the Yamaraja in his mind and recited "Namo-Buddhaya" continuously to the head of Thera Samphao. The pain/trembling stopped...then Thera Samphao opened his eyes asking "What time is it?" Thera Thavorn said that only 3 minutes to 11 AM. Thera Samphao said he must say good-bye to everyone at 11 AM....he passed away at 11 AM.

Thera Thavorn told all monks to remember this Yamaraja's Gatha-Namo-Buddhaya and the procedure...and use it to help each other when they suffer from painful disease.


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