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Re: Secular world

Post by DGA » Mon Oct 14, 2013 8:29 pm

this is why I'm behind the push to get Congress to repeal the second law of thermodynamics
TOPEKA, KS–The second law of thermodynamics, a fundamental scientific principle stating that entropy increases over time as organized forms decay into greater states of randomness, has come under fire from conservative Christian groups, who are demanding that the law be repealed.

"What do these scientists want us teaching our children? That the universe will continue to expand until it reaches eventual heat death?" asked Christian Coalition president Ralph Reed, speaking at a rally protesting a recent Kansas Board Of Education decision upholding the law. "That's hardly an optimistic view of a world the Lord created for mankind. The American people are sending a strong message here: We don't like the implications of this law, and we will not rest until it has been reversed in the courts." ... aw-of,281/

we won't relent until the earth is flat again

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Re: Secular world

Post by Qing Tian » Mon Oct 14, 2013 8:42 pm

Could they repeal the law of gravity as well, please, because frankly, as it is, the Earth sucks. :rolling:
“Not till your thoughts cease all their branching here and there, not till you abandon all thoughts of seeking for something, not till your mind is motionless as wood or stone, will you be on the right road to the Gate.”

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