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Janice Stanger, Ph.D., author of The Perfect Formula Diet

Posted: Fri Aug 27, 2010 12:22 pm
by Mr. G
Janice Stanger, Ph.D., penned the book “The Perfect Formula Diet” in response to her two young children deciding to go vegetarian ten years ago. Like most parents, Janice was concerned that her daughters might compromise their health by omitting meat, dairy and eggs from their diets. Luckily for her daughters, Janice respected their wishes. What she discovered was that a vegan diet was not only the healthiest diet, but also was responsible for preventing and reversing most of the chronic diseases plaguing Americans. Janice studied over 1,000 research papers on nutrition and “The Perfect Formula Diet” is the result of that work. The book was released in 2009. I sat down with Janice to discuss the book, her veganism, advice for people transitioning to a vegan diet and what exactly is the perfect formula diet.
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