A Buddhist Wedding Anniversary Post

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A Buddhist Wedding Anniversary Post

Post by sattva » Wed Jun 22, 2016 9:59 am

I saw this post by a man I know. I won't share everything written or their names, but this is my idea of what a Buddhist marriage can be. I found it heart-warming and inspirational. For those of you who are married or who one day will be married, I hope that you find what this man found.
:namaste: :heart:

Today, ___ and I mark 17 years married.

That is something. A good run, and one we plan to continue. It will be marked with no deep plans though as it's Solstice, a fire is in order, and our anniversary tradition is a carrot cake, which our wedding cake was. Another fact of is that sometime in the next week we will mark 20 years ago that we met. As it was at a Rainbow Gathering, dates are complicated, so we are remembering two decades as a couple.

I am a blessed man, and very happily married. Yet, you reading this see only a tiny portion of our lives and we do not, in fact, write much on the woes and troubles that all couples live through. Yet, live through it we have. Life is a more difficult than you might think, and a ship of many complications. However, it's sails are filled with beauty and companionship as well. The challenges of our life as a couple and business partners, together most every day of our lives, are very real. Yet, we are Dharma Partners as well. Were it not for the those teachings, our life together would likely be a very different story and perhaps a journey that would not be continuing. So today we are grateful for the Three Gems of our marriage, stars in the night, on our voyage.

The Buddha, whose calm example of presence we seek in the fair times and dark. The center of the compass rose.

The Sangha, that begins and ends in a circle of fellow students that starts with us as a couple. We are each the teacher and the student.

The Dharma. a constant guide of teachings, a map along the way, that shows us how to weather the storms and makes the stars known to us.

Thank you to my wife for being my first mate and dearest friend. Together we can sail any sea.

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