Sogyal Rinpoche - sexual abuse against women?

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Re: Sogyal Rinpoche - sexual abuse against women?

Post by cky » Wed Jun 07, 2017 9:47 am

smcj wrote:
What exactly is a Dharma teacher, a Lama? The most common requirement, at least as far as I have heard, is that you have to have a clear experience in Nature Of Mind, Buddha nature, Dharmakaya or whatever your tradition calls it. This means you've entered Bhumi 1 from a Bodhisattvayana point of view or you've entered stream from a Sravakayana point of view. It means you have a clear experience of where the goal of the path is, you've been to the summit so to speak, and therefore you are hopefully able to lead others there, too.
Who told you that? I really really wish that was true! The impression I get is that you're lucky if the rinpoches have that level of stable realization. And even then there's no guarantee--at all!
Stable realization is something different in my opinion. At least once having had the full experience should be a requirement, because otherwise you're the blind leading the blind. If you're unsure whether your teacher has entered the path of seeing, you can always ask.

Also, I'm aware that there are many people in a teaching position who aren't quite there yet, but they could simply be regarded as senior students, mentors or instructors. That's not to put them down. We need many of those, but we have to be aware what they can be for us. Here again, my point is: Expectations and projections should be kept in order with common sense.

p.s.: Let's not derail the thread into "What qualification do you need to teach?" :tongue:

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Re: Sogyal Rinpoche - sexual abuse against women?

Post by muni » Wed Jun 07, 2017 12:21 pm

I find there are at least two dangers.

One is blindly, seeing all is by the grace of the outer holy teacher, not recognizing this is own experience. ( feeding attachment)

Two is talking through karmic veils about teachers by which suspiciousness/pollution flourishes and so blocks liberation for oneself or others. (feeding aversion)

A master is helping to make clear all this is own experience, helping to recognize nature which is not the duality student-teacher. (Nature not one, not two not many.)

Own motivation is crucial. If I feel life is okay, I am okay, then I am wondering "from what" to be free?

Connection depends on own state of mind.
People accessing the teachings should first study for themselves, contemplate genuinely, with the right motivation, eventually follow guided meditations and so on, before going to ask help and guidance/or going to find a master. That can prevent problems!
It is then easier for us to see at least a bit clear from where the masters'/teachers' talk comes: the idea I am a teacher so listen to me or as compassionate invitation to wake up, out of the dream-mind.

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Re: Sogyal Rinpoche - sexual abuse against women?

Post by JeremySchanche » Fri Feb 09, 2018 12:35 pm

I have written several articles about the Sogyal Abuse Crisis - my latest is an approach to the facilitators of an upcoming retreat under the auspices of Rigpa UK - Dan and Corinne Ewen. I am challenging all the teachers at Rigpa UK to speak out against abuse and support the declaration of ZERO-TOLERANCE OF ABUSE IN BUDDHISM. So far the result from Sogyal, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, Patrick Gaffney, Vision Board etc has been zero - nothing at all. I am merely trying to open up dialogue in this vital case. Please check out my articles and respond if you wish. I am interested in taking action against abuse in religion. Anyone wishing to cooperate with me please get in touch. ... ersy-.html
After being Sogyal's student for 30 years I found out about the abuse on 30th December 2017. All articles on my blog discussing this therefore date from late December 2017... I wish to try to do something positive in this terrible mess but not waste too much time in discursion! My approach is to push for dialogue as surely that is the first step. I mean genuine dialogue - not controlled speech.

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