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Post by tiagolps » Wed Oct 25, 2017 11:07 am ... le-legend/

Any equivalent of Cynocephali in the buddhist tradition?

:geek: China a Buddhist missionary, Hui-Sheng, wrote about dog-headed men on an Island to the east of Fusang.
The Greek historian Ctesias, from the fifth century, wrote that on the Indian mountains he saw men with heads of dogs and they did not talk but barked; they had larger teeth than dogs, and claws like animals. They were known to live on raw meat, fruit, and to hunt with bows and arrows.

They traded with the local Indians and sent tributes to the King of India. They lived in caves, wore tanned skins, and all had a tail like a dog’s, only longer.
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"Buddhahood really is like an infection and it goes from one person to another. You can fight it off, but it's a pity if you do that..."
-Rigdzin Shikpo

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