A Buddhist story ( Fictional )

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A Buddhist story ( Fictional )

Post by MatthewAngby » Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:45 pm

As the baby was pulled from the woman’s hole , the skies darkened and the horrifying howls of the wolves surrounded the atmosphere. “ Lama, what is this? Why is the world ...suddenly so dark ? “ , I asked my Brother. Then, he slowly looks away, with obvious signs of disappointment on his face - remaining quiet for the next few seconds. As impatient as I am , I tapped repeatedly on his shoulders - gesturing him for his reply. “ Move now, Matthew , the lord of flames is born, every action he does would only prevent us from reaching our destination” , Brother sternly said to me. I was fearful and vulnerable - i has no personal weapons and protection kits with me.

Days passed and we slowly retreated back to the northern regions of Tibet, where the grounds were filled with clear white snow and where the elementals showered the land with chilling weathers. It was said that the coldness of the land itself could protect us from the lord of flames , Mara of anger. We hid in one of the caves for days - a cave with rocky texture and a personal lake in the back of it. We enjoyed its pleasures for that many days and nights , without being captured by the lord of flames. Then,one day , a gigantic white ape , with snowy fur and big hands appeared, grabbing our food and tents. Fueled by human reflexes , I charged to the ape with rage and battled it with my blunt dagger... only to my own dismay. The ape suddenly metamorphosis itself into the form of a raksha with ten arms , each holding a sword made of fire. The raksha, standing victorious , let out a frightening cry , “ I , the lord of flames and destroyer of peace, have finally got into your mind stream! You, so easily fooled by phenomena is my easiest hunt of the day! “ , before vanishing into thin air. I was caught by his manipulative claw! I thought I was doomed for eons and eons , but that was not the case.

Soon after my capture , my Brother sat me down the fireside , and planned with me on the way of defeating the lord of flames. “ we need armies , Matthew , we need armies... the retinue of raja patience is known to have defeated the minions of the king of anger “ , my Brother said . It meant serious work for us to gather such huge armies - the effort we needed and our intentions. Practicing patience for days and nights , we were finally greeted by the Raja himself , who told us , “ To gather my troops and my armies , go to Du’rot’ar’ tomorrow at dawn, see if you can remain calm in the midst of hooligans and law-breakers ! “

At dawn, we did as said and soon found ourselves among rude and fierce villagers - who spat on us and hurled us insults . Trying my best to remain calm, I recollected the kindness of these poor beings - thinking that they were once my beloved Mother who cared for me so much. Finally the trial was over and we passed the test. Manifold armies then began to descent from the skies - all were of pure radiance and had swords and shields made of flowers. “ PEACE ! “ , “ PROTECT!” , ... all kind of fierce but compassionate cries were heard. Then the Mara of anger rose up from the ground , filling it with red lava and molten liquid. The battle then manifested itself between the two factions... but then, something happened.

I woke up, to find myself lying on my red coloured bed sheets, the morning sun shining on my face , and my pet pug licking my legs. Relieved , I thought , “ all is like a dream , all is like a dream “.

( Hope you all enjoyed this story ! )
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Re: A Buddhist story ( Fictional )

Post by The Cicada » Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:29 pm

Great story.

Needs more kickboxing.

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