Animals Can Talk

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Animals Can Talk

Post by nirmal » Wed Dec 15, 2010 8:27 pm

It was about ten years ago that I had this experience of my son's pink coloured flower horn pet fish talking to me.As I stepped into my house,my attention was focused on the fish which would always give a rousing welcome to all of my family members who stepped into the house.This time the fish was motionless and as I moved closer to play with it, I heard a clear voice talking to me from within my body, " Your son is very irregular at feeding me.Sometimes I feel very hungry.I would like you to feed me everyday. Could you do that?"It was as if I had ears within my body to hear that voice that clearly
To my surprise, I replied, "Yes, I'll do that from today onwards." I could hear myself replying from within my body. I did not open my mouth at all.
Then it went on to say that the water in the aquarium was not clean and clear enough and that it wanted me to wash and change the water on a more regular basis.I have overhead filters for that aquarium. It also said," If my water is clean and clear, your house would be bright and filled with light." The conversation ended there.
I tried to be too clever and pulled a chair and sat beside the aquarium attempting to talk to the fish again. However nothing happened.Probably it had said what it had wanted to say.
I spoke to my Vajraguru about this experience.He gave me a brief explanation. He said that animals can talk. He said that the conversation took place from heart to heart(or mind to mind,sorry I have forgotten but I'll reconfirm).The fish spoke in "fish language" which gets translated to human language for my understanding and when I reply, human language gets translated into 'fish language' for its understanding.
There was another experience where my dog and I had a clear conversation of this sort. These were the only two times animals and I had a conversation with animals

In Islam, Nabi Sulaiman has said that animals and even plants can talk.In Christianity, St Francis managed to tame a wild fox as he had this gift and in Singapore there is a day where Christians bring their pets to church to get the blessings from Saint Francis. What does Buddhism say?

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Re: Animals Can Talk

Post by joy&peace » Mon Oct 26, 2015 3:52 am

Buddhism has similar understanding. For instance-

True entrusting means that you're able to truly relate to another being. Not only human beings but
with plants and animals. Even those things that cannot speak, you're able to hear their
feelings. Namu-amida-butsu.


Namaste; so much peace and love,
Om Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate bodhi svaha

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