A Very Honest Zen Poem

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A Very Honest Zen Poem

Post by Dharma Flower » Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:52 am

This is a poem I like, written by a Japanese monk in 1980, from the book "Japanese Temple Buddhism":

I am a priest.
Wearing my robes, my prayer beads in my left hand, I ride my bicycle.
I go from house to parishioner's house and chant sutra.
I am a priest.
I have a wife, I have a child.
I drink sake, I eat meat.
I eat fish, I lie.
And still, I am a priest.
A dirty, too dirty, priest.
When I call upon parishioners and accept their donations,
is that not theft?
Oh, the five precepts that Shakyamuni kept,
I have broken them all.
But yet, I am a bodhisattva.
I travel the path of the bodhisattva.
I have faith in the Dharma, I sit in the palm of the Law.
I live in the Dharma, I live amongst the people.
Within endless life, I practice the way.
Hand in hand with other practitioners, I proceed down
this peaceful path, this path without equal
the path of Truth, the bodhisattva path.
I am filthy, and I have broken all of the five precepts but,
but, because of the Dharma, all will become Buddhas.
That path, that bodhisattva path.
I am standing on that path.
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