America is hooked on violence

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Re: America is hooked on violence

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My point is basically:

1 and 3 of the 37 Practices are nice

Right now, you have a good boat, fully equipped and available — hard to find.
To free others and you from the sea of samsara,
Day and night, fully alert and present,
Study, reflect, and meditate — this is the practice of a bodhisattva.

Don’t engage disturbances and reactive emotions gradually fade away;
Don’t engage distractions and spiritual practice naturally grows;
Keep awareness clear and vivid and confidence in the way arises.
Rely on silence — this is the practice of a bodhisattva.

Dharma or anti-Dharma.

Of course, violent movies and such create violence in the world. (Why wasn't violence in movies mentioned recently?) -- in regards to the shootings?

Yes Ayu you have it correct.

The reason we should focus on Dharma, (with all of our effort. . . ) , i.e., 24/7, is that this is the way to make the most progress.
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Re: America is hooked on violence

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America is hooked on security and outsourcing (violence). As a species many of us have become increasingly voyeuristic. on TV a whole bunch of heroes and zero's. 'How it looks' and outsourcing are very connected! just in case. :twothumbsup:

It doesn't help that our biological hedonic set point is set to permanent dissatisfaction mode. Machetes and bliss don't work in the same sentence. I suppose many of us have dystopian fantasies divorced from the unwanted sickness and consequences of IRL vigilantes.

Arguably it isn't even survival of the fittest any more. We're talking about a few decades here, plus 1 thousand milion new pressures :quoteunquote: every decade. Think about the unprecedented scale and it's impressive that we contain ourselves in spite of the odds.

Not to mention our bacterial masters, you know, the microbial war we can't see. Of course it's a bit of a stretch if we're talking about 'vilence'

but then it's only vilent if it has agency... My way or the highway/ stay out of the road if you want to grow old!

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Re: America is hooked on violence

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Speaking of tv ... :
Donald Trump was elected because Americans watch too much television. TV has sapped their imaginations and rotted their minds. They are no longer capable of critical thinking. They cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is illusion.
— Reader comment to a 9/6 NY Times opinion piece
The same is true imo of Americans' obsession with violence. We're entertaining ourselves into oblivion! (Hey, I wonder what's on Hulu tonight?)
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Re: America is hooked on violence

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Is the war starting ? Iran and America. Just asking.
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