The Flood - Building a Boat that Floats

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The Flood - Building a Boat that Floats

Post by sraddha » Thu Jul 02, 2009 3:50 am

We've all heard of Noah, :reading: the one righteous person who listens and builds his arc and how they survived the "deluge", a few have also heard about "Manu" :reading: from the indo-European texts as the king who saves mankind from the great flood in his boat, and "mankind" is thus named after Him from "Manus".

However, few know why our past Buddha is also called a "Manushi Buddha" -- Buddha who helps save us from the flood -- that is why the Eightfold path is referred to as a raft, a boat, the two Buddhist schools are "Yanas" or vehicles that help us cross the flood! :smile:

But what is the flood? Where is the great flood - the deluge that drowns men and women in their sleep? :shrug:

The deluge is our sensory perception being inundated or flooded with stimulus - the stimulus of craving for forms, sounds, tastes, perceptions, feelings, etc. -- practicing Buddhists are the elect who build their boat in accordance with the Eightfold Path -- with the directions given by Buddha :

Here are some verses from the Dhammapada:''" onclick=";return false;

Death bears off the man whose mind is intent on plucking the flowers of sense, as a flood sweeps away a sleeping hamlet. (47)


15. Flood carries off a sleeping village. Death comes and carries off the man absorbed in cattle and children; he is distracted of mind. (287)

5. By endeavour, by vigilance, by discipline and self-control, let the wise man make for himself an island which no flood can overwhelm. (25)

11. Cut off the five. Get rid of the five. Cultivate further the five. The thus fivefold delivered Bhikkhu is named Oghatinna”—“One who has crossed the flood.” (370)

The five to be cut off—( 1) Delusion of personality; (2) Doubt, i.e., “sceptical doubt—the not wishing to understand”; (3) False Asceticism and “clinging to mere rules and ritual”; (4) Yearning for desire fulfilment; and (5) Ill-will.

The five to get rid of—(1) Desire for life in worlds of form; (2) Desire for life in formless worlds; (3) Self-will; (4) Restlessness; (5) Ignorance.

The five to be cultivated—(1) Faith; (2) Attention; (3) Dauntless Energy; (4) Meditation; and
(5) Wisdom.

Ogha = flood; one who has crossed over the flood of the four Asavas or Biases—(1) Bias in favour of sensuous living; (2) Bias for continuing with life; (3) Bias in favour of one’s own views; (4) (5)Bias arising out of ignorance.

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