"The Moment of Peace" - Worldwide Event 8pm 18th June 2011

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"The Moment of Peace" - Worldwide Event 8pm 18th June 2011

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64 days and 1 Million People to Go!

In today's busy world we are consumed in trying to find happiness and peace in materialism, the latest gadgets, money, and working increasingly long hours. Yet, have you noticed this doesn't really seem to be working? Our lives seem to be getting busier, noisier, more out of control and unhappy.

"The Moment of Peace" is a very simple idea; that we as individuals can make a difference if we stop for a while, be mindful, be quiet and be still and enjoy the experience of living. Through this, an innate happiness becomes present and we allow for a more sustainable and lasting peace within us and with those around us.


At 8:00pm (in your local time-zone) on Saturday, 18th June 2011 I'm asking everybody to stop for an hour and to be mindful, be silent and be still. It is that simple!

The Goal

I'd like to get 1 million people participating in "The Moment of Peace" in 2011. We only have 64 days left to go. It seems like a huge target but I believe it is possible.

So if you feel this is a good idea, why not spread the world and help start making a difference in the world.

Is it up to you to change the world, this is our chance to start making a difference. It is possible!

You can view my personal video message here

In Kindness,

Dean 'Jagaro' Crabb
The Moment of Peace

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