Pure Beauty: The Life and Art of Watanabe Sensei

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Pure Beauty: The Life and Art of Watanabe Sensei

Post by Mr. G » Tue May 10, 2011 12:31 pm

The life of one humble artist can make a difference for so many.

At 87, the jewel-like, ineffable master Watanabe Sensei continues to teach ikebana with her gentleness and unerring eye. For 55 years she has inspired countless Canadians with her displays of artistry, power and beauty using the medium of flowers in the Japanese Sogetsu tradition. Modest, kind and incisive, Sensei is known to her students as a tamer of branches, hands and minds. The wonderful chance to train with her is a journey of quiet daring and offering.The connections made last a lifetime, and her lucky students are pointed forever toward delight in this world of colors, forms and space.

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