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Post halloween ghost stories

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 2:13 am
by ronnewmexico
I wanted to start this yesterday but got distracted.
But some may care to recount past stories of ghost globlins or some such things in the just passed spirit of halloween. Halloween in the states is a bit of a holiday. A respite from the theistic and militaristic underpinning of most american holidays.
Not to get to heavy with the in lessons learned or spiritual things of that sort,spiritual accomplishments, but simply perhaps things we have seen or heard of....(no choddite secret stuff allowed :smile: )...

Years ago I was driving my car with a friend present in the front seat. Around 12 midnight mainly deserted area with woods and those things and of course the obligitory thunderstorm lightening and such, two lane road. Typical ghostly time and place.

I saw a young woman about 18 or so I'd guess walking in pretty much the middle of the road. I passed by her and said to my friend...did you see that?
He said what....I told him what I had seen. Seemed very unusual in the rain and all. So I decided to see if she was alright and if we could render aid.
I turned the car around and went the way back passed where I had seen her. We saw no one.
After a little bit I turned the car around again and proceeded in the direction we were originally headed.
Suddenly my friend put his arms up in front of his fact(he was in the front passenger seat),like he was protecting them from a blow.
I said what's wrong(thinking he was perhaps screwing with me)
He just ran over a girl.
I said...nonsense. STopped the car turned it around and proceeded to look for the girl.
No girl.
I asked my friend what she was wearing as I assumed he was just screwing with me.
He recounted the same outfit I had seen her in, a lumberjack type shirt jeans and such color hair and the rest.
I had not told him any description but his recount fit exactly.
So as he was not a practitioner of the art of mind reading or some such I can only assume...

Anyway we spent a good part of that early morning looking to see if we had run over some person, but found nothing.
No evidence of this...

YOur story....

Re: Post halloween ghost stories

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 9:40 pm
by PadmaVonSamba
two Halloween pumpkins are sitting around, the day after. Both had been carved to look angry and scary. They were discussing karma and rebirth. "I wonder what I will come back as?" said the first pumpkin. "I don't want to think about it" said the second, "I have been mean and angry for as long as I can remember. I will probably take some terrible rebirth!" and the first replied, "I frightened so many children last night, I will probably have a lot of bad rebirths!" and the went on and on like this, imagining their own reality in this way until they finally rotted away.

Meanwhile, far up above in the sky, the rainclouds and the Sun were busy chatting it up, when the earth shouted up to them, "Hey, it was great manifesting as so many pumpkins again this year!" "Yes!" replied the Sun and clouds, "I think we manifested as even more than we did last year!"

So, you just never know.

(True story!!!)
:rolling: :crazy:

Re: Post halloween ghost stories

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 3:29 am
by catmoon
I used to hang out at a small cafe called Bobby Sox. One night a fellow I had known since grade school, Jim came in. We had dinner together and there was some vague chitchat, and eventually he smiled and left. A couple of days later I mentioned that I had seen Jim and said something about how long it had been since he had been around. His sister asked me when I had seen him, and I said it was two days ago. "That's not possible", she said. "Jim rode his bicycle into the side of a van and was killed. Two weeks ago."

Re: Post halloween ghost stories

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 4:56 am
by ronnewmexico
I would be kicking myself for quite some time..for not asking him some perhaps more "siginficant" questions.
Glad that didn't happen to me for that reason.

Relatedly (have bunches of ghost stories :smile: ) Was years ago jogging past a past friends house in the early morning, that I had a connection with, regarding his fathers death years ago. Present at crisis times in his life was I and him in mine but not at other times.
While jogging, I suddenly got the impression of something and said to myself..ah the late great Peter R...(his name)internal dialogue.
Needless to say I found out he... though very young and fit... had died of a heart attack the night before.
That story reminded me of that.

Yours befitting halloween is far far spookier however......