Continuation of SOPA and global censorship

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Continuation of SOPA and global censorship

Post by Jesse » Sat Jan 28, 2012 3:13 am

Hello all,

So we've all heard of SOPA and PIPA and have at least a vague understanding of what these bills do. What most people are unaware of is that a very similar, and perhaps worse treaty is being passed all over the world right now in the form of an International Trade Agreement. It is called The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, "ACTA" for short.

There are also many other indicators of social networks bowing to censorship pressure from world governments, which I will include links for.

Here are some links:
Say no to ACTA - All about Acta
Twitter Censorship Move Sparks Backlash
Warning: Incoming opinionated rant :P

Most of these bills are lauded as a way to protect intellectual property, but in large part these laws are pushing censorship on the one medium people have left for true free expression. It's become fairly obvious lately that world governments are in a mad rush to stem the free flow of information between their citizens. I suppose you really only have to look at recent events to figure out why.

Protests organized via twitter and facebook are largely responsible for the peaceful protests which ousted many dictators from power over the past few years. Egypt, Tsuniah, Libya. Protests in Greece(While largely violent were also organized in the same way), Occupy Wall Street which has spread around the globe as "Occupy Everything, Occupy Everywhere".

Wiki-leaks, Anonymous, World Protests -- All signs of a global movement which is increasingly growing tired of corruption, and violence, and humans right abuses by those who are supposed to govern us. I suppose many people choose to ignore these events, and the obvious nature of what's happening in the world because it's uncomfortable and scary.. yet we correctly praise and celebrate people whom carried out this very behavior in the past, Martin Luther King, and Gandi for example, These people are our heroes.

Yet many of these people who are but continuing their legacy are ostracized, and looked upon with dissent. Why? I truly don't understand.

I do realize these are my opinions, and as such do not accurately reflect everything -- but I do feel as if the world is headed in a very chaotic direction.
Global recession, Economic collapse, The ending of an era of over consumption, and blatant disrespect and destruction of the world which sustains us all.

From my tiny perspective, I see these events are inherently connected -- An old dying way of life filled with greed, and those who are pushing for responsibility, freedom and sanity.

End Rant :P
“Freedom is secured not by the fulfilling of one's desires, but by the removal of desire” – Epictetus

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