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Re: E sangha temp relocated to http://www.buddhist-community.com

Postby David N. Snyder » Sat Dec 19, 2009 5:21 pm

Buddhist-Community is a good example of what happens when a forum is left unattended, unmoderated, that is. Leo said he created that to provide a more social setting without much moderation and since that time appears to have abandoned it with absolutely no moderation.

Members are using the 'f' word frequently, there is sectarianism, and members are impersonating each other to make each other look bad. I stopped posting messages there to avoid being drawn into such squabbles. In one of their forums, Allison Currie has explained one of the ways an impersonator could be exposed, which apparently has been done to her.

If anyone complains about moderation here, maybe I'll just show them what happens with no moderation by providing a link to Buddhist-Community. :tongue:

A while back when the fighting there was starting, Leo posted something like, "at e-sangha people complained that there was too much moderation, here people complain that there is not enough."

He has a good point and it is impossible to keep everyone pleased.
I guess we will have to find the happy, perfect "middle." :jedi:

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