Someplace with a mountain

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Someplace with a mountain

Post by Dave The Seeker » Tue Jul 31, 2012 3:37 pm

Not sure if any of you have seen this documentary.
We watched it yesterday and I felt such compassion for these people.
They live on one of the many islands in the Atols that will soon be gone due to water/ocean levels rising. They knew the water level had gotten higher, 5 inches in 5 years, but had no idea how soon their homes would be totally underwater.
These people are still living in the same way as their ancestors, simple. No money and no use of fossil fuels.
After seeing the statistics of the proposed rise in water levels they became very worried. Where will they go? How will they support their families? As well as many other concerns.
There is an island nation not to far away that is trying to figure out how to help out and bring these folks to their island.

But still the thought of another civilization being totally removed from their home land and being assimilated into another is just saddening.

I know that there isn't much we can do at this point about the effects of our actions on the world and the environment. And also is this just another change in the worlds climate? We really haven't kept records long enough to know anything really.

As my dad said to me, the world has ways of taking care of herself. We've messed up a lot and now she's getting ready to clean house.

I know these people are just some of the millions that will be displaced as the water level continues to rise. But I thought I'd just pass along my thoughts.

If you'd like to see more, there is a site." onclick=";return false;
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