Health Impact of Celibacy

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Re: Health Impact of Celibacy

Post by shaunc » Thu Mar 21, 2013 5:52 am

greentara wrote:Watching news/doco program the other night and they enter a old age facility for people suffering from dementia and what you may ask is the pressing problem in the facility?
These unfortunate people don't know who they are, where they are and don't recognise relatives and friends. No worries for experts are brought in to convince us all that these people are missing out on sexual gratification. The elderly nurse that was brought in went on and on about their needs. Then we cross to sex workers both male and female who are only too willing to enter the old age home(for a fee) and give these poor old folk whatever it takes.
If it wasn't so sad one could laugh but I couldn't even muster a smile.
I read about that & believe that if the sex workers were bought in, that would have to go close to constituting rape, after all you're having sex & taking money off someone who's not playing with the full deck.

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Re: Health Impact of Celibacy

Post by brahmacharya » Tue Nov 12, 2013 3:49 pm

Rakshasa wrote:Celibacy is the solution of almost all the problems in this world. Having flu due to weak immunity? Try celibacy. Suffering from mental trauma, depression or low self confidence? Try celibacy. Becoming aggressive,perceiving women as sexual objects, etc? Try celibacy. Fat? Try celibacy. Wife or girlfriend is losing interest in you? Try celibacy. Since sexual desire is the root of all desires, and therefore the root of all suffering. Eliminating sexual desire is therefore a solution to all the problems in this least most of them.
I could not agree more. When chastity is truly mastered (which means no sexual cravings whatsoever and freedom from sexual urges), the energy and material wasted by sexual activity will start being used for healing and enhancing the body and mind. That's the reason celibacy was praised by several wise people from various tribes and civilizations.

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